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Ontario, here’s the turning point on the second dose

TORONTO – The provincial government is ready to change gears on the vaccination front. Starting in the next few days, the efforts of the Ontario health authorities will be aimed mainly at intensifying the vaccination campaign especially on the second dose, which until now is still a sore point, because the numbers on the recall injection are still too low compared to the other G20 countries. The provincial government has thus announced some changes in the roadmap announced previously, with the aim of reducing the time between the first and second dose of the Covid vaccine.

Again, as was previously decided, an attempt will be made to secure the population group most exposed to the risks of coronavirus and the main criterion will be that of age.

Starting today, in fact, all Ontario residents aged 80 and over will be able to book the appointment for the second dose of vaccine, while from June 14th it will be up to the age group between 70 and 79 years, connecting to the site or calling 1-833-943-3900. In case you do not make the date reservation, the second dose will be administered on the day that has already been indicated after receiving the first dose.

From 28 June, however, the preferential lane for older people lapses and the benchmark will become only the date on which the first dose of vaccine was received. From June 28, all Ontario residents who have already received the first dose from March 8 to April 18 will be able to make the reservation. From July 19, however, the reservation of the second dose will be open to people who have been given the first one from 19 April to 9 May. Then, from August 2, it will be the turn of those who have had the first dose from 10 to 30 may, while from 9 August the reservation will be open for those who have been vaccinated from May 31st.

Meanwhile, there are still concerns about the AstraZeneca vaccine, doubts and fears also fueled by some controversial decisions by federal health authorities. Over the weekend, the Ministry of Health announced that the validity of AstraZeneca vaccines that would expire today will be extended by one month. The tests carried out in recent days have shown that the vaccines in question maintain their effectiveness until months after their expiry.

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