Day: 19 September 2021

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School chaos, school boards in the storm

TORONTO – It is a constant growth that of Covid-19 cases in ontario schools where with the last 121 infections last Friday, the total, after about two weeks of attendance, is 619. The latest outbreak is the one that broke out at Elmlea Junior School in Etobicoke – Rexdale and Islington district – where at least two cases have been reported.  (more…)

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TCDSB, who defends the rights of Catholics?

TORONTO – The Canadian Confederation, as a form of government, has a unique feature in its Constitution, or “corporate by-laws”. Under section 93, it ascribes to the provinces the sole jurisdiction for education. Within that section, it provides further exclusive “denominational rights” to certain citizens as a protection against the tyranny of the majority in a democratic society.  (more…)

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Elections 2021: the countdown is over

TORONTO – At the end of an election campaign full of accusations, poisons and controversy, the countdown is over. Tomorrow Canadians will go to the polls to choose their 338 representatives in the 44th legislature and, indirectly, to indicate the new prime minister. Today the leaders of the main parties held the last electoral rallies, launching the last appeal to the still undecided voters who, ultimately, could shift the final balance and therefore the outcome of the votes. Justin Trudeau spoke in Montreal in the morning, while throughout the day he was engaged in a long series of virtual events.  (more…)

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Alberta, two thousand cases in one day. The doctors: “Immediate military aid”

EDMONTON – Scary numbers. Alberta, which until a few days ago was “stay open for good”, registered 2,020 new cases of Covid-19 on Friday (out of a total of 17,000 tests carried out). A huge amount, considering that Alberta has just over 4.3 million inhabitants. To make a comparison: today Italy, which has over 60 million inhabitants, recorded 3,838 new cases (out of a total of 263,571 swabs analyzed).  (more…)

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A photo finish for what will likely appear to be another minority government

After a short 5-week campaign, voting day has arrived. Tomorrow, Canadians across the Nation will head to the polls to cast their vote. Some may still be asking whether holding an election in the middle of a pandemic was necessary. Either way, casting a vote gives Canadians the opportunity and privilege to have a say in Canada’s future government.


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Ang Umaakyat na Presyo ng mga Pagkain nitong Pandemya

TORONTO – Isang kaibigan ko ang pumuna ng presyo ng Big Mac, na pag kumakain ka nito parati, di mo mapupuna ang presyo pero kung ikaw ay yung taong tulad ko na paminsan minsan lang kumain ng Big Mac, malamang magulat ka sa babayaran mo. Nitong nakaraang mahigit na isang taon, hindi ako kumain ng Big Mac hanggang ilang araw na nakalipas nang bumili ako ng dalawang Big Mac meals at nagulat ako sa binayaran ko – mahigit $23! Sabi ng kaibigan ko, mas makakatipid ka kung may coupon ka, konti sa kalahati ang babayaran mo. Ang sa akin naman ay gaano kadalas nagbibigay ng coupon para sa Big Mac.  (more…)

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The Rising Food Prices during this Pandemic

TORONTO – A friend once commented on the price of a Big Mac, that if you eat it regularly, like once a week, you don’t notice the price increase because it’s in the cents. But, if you order it, say, once every six months, or in my case, in a gap of almost two years because of the pandemic, you feel the crunch, as I did when I ordered two Big Mac meals three weeks ago. I paid $23 and some cents! My friend then added, it’s good if you have the coupon because you pay just a little over half of the regular price. The question that begs answering is, how often does Big Mac come up with coupons. (more…) ***This project is made possible in part thanks to the financial support of Canadian Heritage;

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