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A “bridge” between Italy and Canada
to help those who want to emigrate

EnglishItalianPortugueseSpanishGermanDutchFilipinoPolishChinese (Simplified)ArabicBengaliGreekTurkishKoreanJapanesePersianRomanian TORONTO – Your dream is Canada, to study or work, but you know very well how complicated it is, especially today, to crown it? Well, two young Italians can help you. Their names are Chiara Landoni and Valentina Nuzzo and they have decided to make their immigrant experience in Canada available to anyone who needs help or even simple information to start planning their transfer. How? Through the Connect 2 Toronto website (https://connect2toronto.com) where you can find all the necessary information and, perhaps, contact the two creators who are able to provide a large group of experts in every sector: immigration, study, work, taxes, health care…

It all started with a Facebook group: “Italians in Toronto Canada”. The administrator, Chiara, noticed the huge amount of questions that many Italians, especially young people, asked the members of the group to get useful information for moving to Canada. And so she decided to open a dedicated portal, in a professional way, just for this.

“Together with my friend Valentina, whom I met in Toronto thanks to the Facebook group, I expanded and developed this idea – explains Chiara – and the Connect 2 Toronto site was born in which we have channeled all our experiences”.

Notable experiences: Chiara, originally from the province of Varese in Italy, has been in Toronto with her husband since 2010 and has twenty years of experience in the field of human resources and as head of operations in the hospitality sector. In Canada she obtained certifications in the workplace safety sector, also following courses in the insurance field. Valentina, graduated in Occupational and Organizational Psychology at the University of Florence where she was born and raised, in 2013 decided to continue her life in Toronto with her husband. Her specialty is career guidance and since 2013 she is a member of the Ontario Association of Consultants, Counsellors, Psychometrists and Psychotherapists. But there are not only them.

“Our portal is made up of a network of professionals – explains Valentina (in the pic) -. The goal is to ‘connect’ people who want to come to Toronto to the right professional for them. For example: those who want to study will be put in contact with colleges, immigration consultants, translators and everything else they need; those who want to work will have access to a job board, an immigration consultant, translation of the curriculum vitae and so on. We also have a partnership with a travel agency that assists those who come to us in preparing and booking the trip, including insurance and being aware of the difficulty in finding accommodation in Toronto on our site, customers can find rooms, but also hotel and much more. All these professionals guarantee us lower prices than those for the public and our service, or “connecting” the client with the right professional for him, is free. In a world where scams are increasingly common, especially in this sector, it is absolutely essential to be followed by trusted professionals who care about their customers “.

A question to Chiara and Valentina is a must: is moving to Canada still an opportunity, as it was until a few years ago? Or have things changed?

According to Chiara (in the pic) “yes, it is. From what I see around me, it seems that dreams can still come true here. I see that many, some small and some large, dare and it is nice to see that many make it ”. And for Valentina, “Canada is the land of rebirth. I believe that being able to study at all ages explains this concept well: in every moment of life you can discover new professionalisms and identities. Not everyone is born knowing who they are, indeed most of us change and evolve. There is only one life, but we can do many things and luckily we are also allowed to change our minds and satisfy desires that arise with the course of age. Canada makes it easier to do this. Also, I have the feeling that all jobs here have equal dignity and are more equitably rewarded financially. When I left Italy it seemed clear to me that there were Serie A jobs and Serie B jobs”.

Come on, you just have to connect. And crown the dream.

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