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Covid in Ontario, truce already over: 19 dead

TORONTO – After a day of truce, the number of deaths related to Covid-19 in Ontario suddenly returns to high: 19, bringing the total since the beginning of the pandemic in the province to almost 13 thousand (12,991). The “zero deaths” of yesterday is therefore already a good memory, as well as the number of hospitalizations that from 1,213 return to jump above 1,500: to be precise, 1,555. 

However, the Ministry of Health tries to minimize it, saying that hospitalizations have in any case dropped by 8% compared to last week when the infected people present in hospitals were 1,699 (and two weeks ago they were 1,734). However, hospitalizations in intensive care decreased from 201 to 188 in twenty-four hours.

Of the people in hospital with the virus, 946 are fully vaccinated, 227 not vaccinated and 72 are vaccinated (information on vaccination of the remaining patients is unknown). In the ICU, 75 patients are fully vaccinated, 31 are not vaccinated and 10 are vaccinated (the vaccination status of the remaining patients is unknown).

As for the causes of hospitalizations, 59% of infected patients in ordinary wards is at the hospital for a disease not related to Covid-19 and tested positive at the time of the admission test, while the remaining 41% are in hospital due to Covid-19 infection. Reversed ratio in ICU, where the majority of infected people are there because of the virus (64%) and the minority (36%) tested positive after being hospitalized for a different reason.

On the contagion front, 11,576 tests were processed today (reserved for the “at risk” categories) and 1,089 were positive, for a positivity rate of 12.4%.

The active and known cases continue to decline, going from 23,363 yesterday to 22,285 today. A number, as we always repeat, far from reality due to the limited test data to certain categories, but still significant given that for over ten days it has been constantly decreasing.

Since the start of the pandemic, Ontario has seen 1,277,205 laboratory-confirmed cases and 1,241,929 people are healed.

Photo by Isaac Quesada on Unsplash

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