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Nuts: Dead air space and dismal democratic environment

TORONTO – One listens to radio, I imagine, for background [sometimes relaxing] noise. Occasionally, the radio personality and the production team behind the program on air strike a chord. Recently, on my drive in to work, the host of Radio 1010 expressed incredulity at the system’s response to the Oakville teacher who made gigantic prosthetic mammary glands famous by wearing them to a shop class. 


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Killing spree in GTA: two dead (a policeman) and three injured

TORONTO – What happened on Monday in the GTA seems to have come out of Quentin Tarantino’s imagination but, unfortunately, it is not a movie: a gunman entered a Tim Hortons in Mississauga, killed a policeman who was having lunch with his colleagues and then he fled to Milton where he went inside a body shop, killing one person and wounding three others, ending up killed in a firefight with the police.  (more…)

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Dead by suicide Edward Lake. His three sons killed by Muzzo

TORONTO – Misfortunes never come by themselves, says a proverb. Edward Lake, whose three sons and father-in-law were killed in a terrible accident in Vaughan in 2015, took his own life. The case has filled the pages of the newspapers for months: driving the vehicle that hit the van of the children’s grandfather, there was Marco Muzzo, scion of a rich family, drunk. A pain, that of Edward Lake and his wife Jennifer Neville-Lake, that can only be imagined. 


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Covid in Ontario, truce already over: 19 dead

TORONTO – After a day of truce, the number of deaths related to Covid-19 in Ontario suddenly returns to high: 19, bringing the total since the beginning of the pandemic in the province to almost 13 thousand (12,991). The “zero deaths” of yesterday is therefore already a good memory, as well as the number of hospitalizations that from 1,213 return to jump above 1,500: to be precise, 1,555. 


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Covid-19: in Ontario active cases in decline for four days, 22 dead (and another 22 in Quebec)

TORONTO – New, slight increase in infected patients in Ontario hospitals: 1,734 people today, compared to 1,730 in the previous 24 hours. 211 are in intensive care, eight fewer than on Wednesday but eight more than a week ago: 92 are breathing with the help of a ventilator.  (more…)

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Ontario, hospitalizations are rising again. Quebec, 62 dead in three days

TORONTO – After the weekend “break”, the numbers relating to hospitalizations in Ontario return to rise: today there were 1,455 patients in hospitals (1,362 on Sunday), of which 219 in intensive care (compared to 212 on Sunday): in the end moreover, some hospitals do not disclose their data during the week.  (more…)

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Covid-19 in Ontario, positivity rises and exceeds 18%. Another 38 dead in Quebec

TORONTO – Covid-19, slight decline in hospitalizations today in Ontario: 1,626 patients in hospitals due to (45%) or with (55%) Covid-19, against 1,662 yesterday. In intensive care instead there is a slight increase, from 203 patients on Wednesday to 207 today: here 62% are in the ICU due to the virus while only 38% were hospitalized for other reasons and then at the time of the entrance test in hospital discovered that it also has Covid-19.  (more…)

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Covid, hospitalizations continue to rise. Another 28 dead in Ontario and 26 in Quebec

TORONTO – The number of patients in Ontario hospitals due to (45%) or with (55%) Covid-19 continues to grow. Today, for the first time since mid-February, they were 1.662, from 1.486 on Tuesday and 1.301 on Monday. 203 patients in intensive care (yesterday 206: 59% are in the ICU due to the virus, 41% for other reasons and tested positive for Covid-19 at the time of the hospital admission test). And above all, many deaths: another 28 today. The total death toll in Ontario since the start of the pandemic is now 12,661.  (more…)

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The virus continues to kill: another 32 dead in Ontario

TORONTO – The number of Covid-19 positive patients in Ontario hospitals decreases slightly, but remains above one thousand: 1,074 people today, compared to 1,091 the day before. 168 those in intensive care, down from 173 yesterday. But the alarming figure, among those of today, concerns deaths: 32 deaths, bringing the total since the beginning of the pandemic in Ontario to 12,511. 


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Covid-19: hospitalizations again above one thousand in Ontario, 31 dead in Quebec

TORONTO – Covid-19 hospitalizations, Ontario is again above one thousand: today in the hospitals of the province there were in fact 1,091 patients against 857 just 24 hours earlier. An impressive surge, which has jumped the increase in hospitalizations in the last seven days to + 38%. 173 people in intensive care, compared to 168 the day before today.  (more…)

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Covid is still scary, another 41 dead in Ontario. A new vaccine made in Canada: it’s plant-based

TORONTO – The hospitalizations decrease almost every day, the positivity rate as well but there is a number that never goes down, in the daily Covid-19 data: that of deaths. Today in Ontario, 41 were registered and, even if the Ministry of Health is keen to emphasize that most of these are “earlier” deaths, the data cannot fail to worry and in any case raises the tragic death toll in the province, from the beginning of the pandemic, to 12,347.  (more…)

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Covid in Ontario, another 19 dead. The real number of active cases in Quebec: almost 100K

TORONTO – Slight increase in Covid hospitalizations today in Ontario. 1,106 people in hospital, compared to 1,038 yesterday. 319 in ICU, same number on Tuesday. However, the percentage of those in hospital for the virus and not for other pathologies falls: 49% for ordinary Covid wards, 77.5% for intensive care.  (more…)

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Covid-19: in Ontario hospitalizations return to rise, 56 dead in Quebec

TORONTO – The hospitalization curve bends upwards again: today in Ontario hospitals there were 1,550 people with Covid-19, up from 1,369 on Monday. On the other hand, admissions in intensive care decreased, albeit slightly: today 384, yesterday 394, Sunday 402. There are more deaths, compared to Monday (8): today, 19, which bring the total number of victims in Ontario, from the beginning of the pandemic, to 12,120.  (more…)

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Covid-19 in Ontario: another 66 dead, hospitalizations drop

TORONTO – Covid-19, the trend of the last few days is reconfirmed: hospitalizations in constant decline, death curve in continuous and decisive rise: today the victims in Ontario were 66, bringing the total from the beginning of the pandemic to 11,944. On the other hand, 2,059 people are currently in hospital with Covid-19, a sharp decline from the 2,254 on Tuesday. The number of people in intensive care has also fallen from 474 to 449. (more…)

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Ontario, 92 more dead. And hospitalizations drop. Are the numbers reliable?

TORONTO – Another 92 deaths, bringing the total from the beginning to 11,160. The number of deaths recorded today in Ontario is only lower than that of January 15, 2021, when the victims were 100. A figure in stark contrast to that of hospitalizations, which fell today: patients in the hospitals of the province are now 4,016, down sharply from 4,132 a week ago. (more…)

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Ontario, 64 dead. Two years ago the first case. Quebec announces slow reopening

TORONTO – Exactly two years ago, on January 25, 2020, the first case of Covid-19 in Canada was identified at Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto. Since then, the virus has “pulled straight” despite protective gear, restrictions and even vaccines. Today, the second sad “anniversary” of Covid-19 in Canada, another 64 deaths were recorded in Ontario, bringing the total, from that fateful day that marked the beginning of the pandemic in Canada, to 11,068. (more…)

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Covid-19: another 56 dead in Ontario, but hospitalizations are still dropping

TORONTO – The total number of hospitalizations for Covid-19 in Ontario falls, but the number of victims remains high: today 56 were registered (a boy under the age of 19 also died during the weekend in Toronto), bringing the total deaths in Ontario, since the beginning of the pandemic, to 10,968. On the other hand, hospitalizations drop – we said – to 3,797, compared to 4,026 on Saturday, even if it should be remembered that not all hospitals provide the data on weekends. There was a slight increase in the number of beds occupied in intensive care, from 600 on Saturday to 604 today. 


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Ontario: another 38 dead and over 4 thousand in hospitals. 4-year-old girl dies of Covid-19 in Quebec

TORONTO – Hospitalizations on the rise, but there are only two more patients in intensive care. Today, in Ontario, the number of patients in hospitals increased by 296 units: now they are 4,183, of which 580 in intensive care, even if for the latter the increase is very slight (on Monday the people present in the hospital were 3,887, of which 578 in intensive care).  (more…)

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Ontario, hospitalizations stabilize. Another 54 dead in Quebec

TORONTO – Another 23 died today in Ontario from Covid-19, while hospital admissions and transfers to intensive care seemed to give the first signs of stabilization: the Ministry of Health has in fact announced that the people present in the hospital are 3,887, of which 578 in intensive care. The employment level of today is therefore relatively similar to that of Sunday, also in light of the fact that some hospitals do not report employment related to Covid-19 on weekends (and Saturday, last day of reporting before the new week, they were 3,957 against 3,595 of Monday without the total number of the province). (more…)

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Brawl at Victoria Park Collegiate Institute: 15-year-old dead, two injured

TORONTO – A high school student died after being stabbed during a brawl that broke out at his school: two other students from the Victoria Park Collegiate Institute, located near Parkwoods Village Drive and Victoria Park Avenue in North York, were injured. The perpetrator of the attack, 19, was arrested on charges of second-degree murder: Ahmed Rafin.  (more…)

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Covid: 12 dead in Ontario, one was under 20 years old

TORONTO – Covid-19, twelve deaths in the last twenty-four hours: among the deads, even a very young person, under the age of 20, in the Windsor-Essex area (this is the only detail provided by the Ministry of Health of the Ontario). “We extend our deepest condolences to their family,” said Ministry spokeswoman Alexandra Hilkene. “Out of respect for the family and their privacy at this difficult time, we will not share further details of the case at this time.” The analysis of today’s data relating to the pandemic in Ontario opens with this tragic news. (more…)

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Candidates rejected, might as well vote for the “dead” one

TORONTO – On November 3, 2020, Republican David Andahl won the election for a seat in the North Dakota Legislature. Voters gave him 36 percent of the vote, enough for the candidate to win the election. And this despite the fact that Andahl had died of Covid a month earlier, on October 5. The electorate, in order not to vote for the other candidates, preferred to elect the one who had already passed to a better life. In the last federal election in the Spadina-Fort York district we witnessed something similar. (more…)

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Former Ontario’s Premier William Davis dead at 92, Joe Volpe: “He was bigger than life”

TORONTO – He was bigger than life.

If a political figure is measured by his influence on the Province, Bill Davis will surely emerge as one of the true fathers of a modern Ontario society. A a graduating university student, i remember him as a small-town lawyer deeply steeped in the ultra-conservative politics of an Ontario still very dependent on an agrarian based economy buttressed by a manufacturing-centred Toronto.

His home base was then “sleepy” Brampton, population 55,000. The Family Compact and the Orange Order, his core supporters, did not look too kindly upon those new post-war immigrants from Europe who were not British.  (more…)

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“Ding dong the witch is dead”, Villa Charities in chaos

EnglishItalianPortugueseSpanishGermanDutchFilipinoPolishChinese (Simplified)ArabicBengaliGreekTurkishKoreanJapanesePersianRomanian TORONTO – Not since the collapse of the ill-conceived, ill-fated massive condominium redevelopment project for the Columbus Centre, in 2018, has the Corriere Canadese been deluged with so many emails and expressions of joy and delights of “ding-dong the witch is dead”. TORONTO – Not since the collapse of the ill-conceived, ill-fated massive condominium redevelopment project for the Columbus Centre, in 2018, has the Corriere Canadese been deluged with so many emails and expressions of joy and delights of “ding-dong the witch is dead”. It was a bitter-sweet reaction of relief then as it is a hollow effusion of victory today. Even if Anthony Di Caita is indeed gone. (more…)

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