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Prime Minister Trudeau trails in snap election

TORONTO – A majority government hoping Canadian PM Justin Trudeau faces now a possible defeat in a snap election called on September 20, which election authority earmarked as most expensive in history with a price tag of $610 million, that’s $100 million more than the 2019 election. But, Trudeau defended his decision and said his main rival would undermine the fight against COVID-19. 

Meanwhile, poll trackers show voters are unhappy that Trudeau, who has held power for six years, called the vote during a fourth wave of the pandemic. His main rival, Conservative leader Erin O’Toole holds an exactly 2 percent lead.

As asked here in Hamilton yesterday, whether he regretted the election call, Trudeau told reporters: “Absolutely not … What we see is a very clear contrast between all the different parties on how we need to move forward as a country.”

Statistics Canada significantly reported its lowest national unemployment rate fell at 7.1% in August, and alongside referring to that, Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland said, “We have now recovered 95% of the jobs lost during the COVID recession.”

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