Tomorrow Toronto Mayoral Election: how to vote. 102 candidates, there is also a dog

TORONTO – Tomorrow, in Toronto, polling stations are open from 10am to 8pm  for the election of the new Mayor: almost 1,900,000 voters called to vote. But who votes and how do you vote? Let’s see it in detail, following the guide published on the website of the Municipality of Toronto

Who can vote and who can’t First, to vote you must be a Canadian citizen, be at least 18 years old, a resident of the city of Toronto or a non-resident but owner (voter or spouse) or rent a property in the city (in this case you can only vote once regardless of how many properties you own or rent and you have to vote in the ward where you live). Particular rules are in place for students: those who live away from “home” to attend an educational institution in Toronto and consider their “home” where they live when they are not attending school, can vote either in their Municipality “of membership” and in the Municipality in which they currently reside to attend school. If home and school residence are both in Toronto, the student must vote in the ward where his “home” is located and not where his school residence is located. Here are those who, on the other hand, cannot vote: those who are serving a prison sentence in a penal institution or penitentiary; who acts as an executor or trustee or in any other capacity as a representative, except with a proxy to vote; who has been convicted of corruption, as established by the Municipal Elections Act.

Where and how to vote To find your voting section, you can use the “MyVote” web portal ( which is also used to check if you are on the voter list (you can also request it at time of voting). At the time of voting, identification is required: each voter must therefore bring an identity document showing his name and address (the electoral card, however, is not sufficient as an identity document). Valid documents include: driving licence, photo ID, bank statement, utility bills and various other documents listed on the Municipality website. Those who are physically unable to go inside the voting place can resort to various solutions: request that the ballot paper be taken outside the building; call 416-338-2020 or email to arrange service; nominate a delegate to vote in their place, by contacting Toronto Elections by email ( or telephone (311) to obtain certification which will be offered until 4pm tomorrow, Election Day. Once in the polling station, the voter will be guided by an official who will identify him, check his presence in the list of voters and explain how to vote. Instructions on how to vote will be made available in twenty-six languages ​​at each polling station and online. If you experience difficulties, e-mail, or call 416-338-1111 and press 6.

Work permits Since voting takes place on a weekday, the employer is required to give the voter three hours to vote on election day but can decide himself at what point in the working hours to allow the employee to go to vote.

Voters and candidates There are 102 candidates registered in the 2023 Toronto mayoral by-election (see the list below). A colorful army, which even sees the presence of a dog: Molly, with its young owner Toby Heaps in the guise of a “legal candidate”. The number of votes needed to win the election will depend on how many people decide to exercise their democratic right this year. If voter turnout remained unchanged from last year, a candidate would need around 140,000 votes to get 25% of the vote, or just over 7% of eligible voters. If turnout more closely mirrored that of 2018, a candidate would need just under 195,000 votes to get 25% of the vote. “A candidate could win with as much as 20% of the voters”, Dennis M. Pilon, an associate professor of political science at York University, told CP24. “In this case, we could end up with someone who was elected by a very small group of voters”. Even the dog, therefore, can have a chance.

Ecco l’elenco completo dei 102 candidati alla carica di primo cittadino

TORONTO – Election day is tomorrow: voters will find themselves in front of a ballot containing the names of 102 candidates for Mayor. Let’s see the complete list.

1 Abdulsalam, Bahira
2 Acquaye, Emmanuel
3 Acton, Blake
4 Ahmed, Sharif
5 Alam, Asadul
6 Allan, Gru Jesse
7 Aly, Atef
8 Apostolopoulos, Dionysios
9 Atkinson, Darren
10 Atkinson, Jamie
11 Bailão, Ana
12 Baking, Jose
13 Bankas, Ben
14 Beals, Claudette
15 Benway, Glen
16 Bonilla, Eliazar
17 Bradford, Brad
18 Brown, Chloe
19 Buffey, Brian
20 Caesar-Chavannes, Celina
21 Carrie, Mason
22 Chan, Roland
23 Charlton, Matti
24 Chevalier Romero, Danny 25 Chow, Olivia
26 Choy, Logan
27 Clarke, Kevin
28 Climenhaga, Sarah
29 Cohen, Gordon
30 Collins, Paul
31 D’Amico, Frank
32 D’Angelo, Frank
33 Davis, Rob
34 D’Cruze, Phillip
35 Deb, Samson
36 Desai, Habiba
37 Deville, Cory
38 Fenby, Simryn
39 Forrester, Monica
40 Furey, Anthony
41 Furnival, Scott
42 Gamk, Isabella
43 Gao, Feng
44 Gong, Xiao Hua
45 Goraya, Adil
46 Graff, Brian
47 Grosman, Ari
48 Guglielmin, James
49 Gulyas, David
50 Hall, Thomas
51 Handjis, Peter
52 He, Heather
53 Heaps, Toby
54 Hossain, Monowar
55 Hunter, Mitzie,
56 Igodan, Sheila
57 Irmya, Daniel
58 Jaffery, Syed
59 Jensen, Michael
60 Johnston, Patricia
61 Khan, Walayat
62 Korovitsyn, Serge
63 Lamoureux, Michael
64 Langenfeld, Kris
65 Lee, Rick
66 LeLiever, Mark
67 Letonja, John
68 MacLeod, Norman
69 Mammoliti, Giorgio
70 Mann, Steve
71 Marshall, Cleveland
72 Matlow, Josh
73 Mohee, Faizul
74 Murphy, Bob
75 Nicula, Michael
76 Nowwarah, Jamil
77 Perruzza, Anthony
78 Ransome, John
79 Renée, D!ONNE
80 Reodica, Willie
81 Rubino, Walter
82 Saccoccia, Chris
83 Sanders, Lyall
84 Saunders, Mark
85 Schipano, Rocco
86 Shusterman, Robert
87 Singh, Knia
88 Singh, Partap Dua
89 Sivaneswaran, Raksheni
90 Sniedzins, Erwin
91 Srivastava, Sandeep
92 Straus, Meir
93 Tang, Weizhen
94 Toye, Mitchell
95 Tull, Reginald
96 Tunney, Jeffery
97 Vadivelu, Kiri
98 Weenen, Jack
99 Wei, Yuanqian
100 Williams, Jody
101 Winter, John
102 Yan, Nathalie Xian Yi

Candidates were 105, three of them decided to renounce: Chung, James; Singh Waraich, Rupica; Singh, Joshua.

The pic above is from Twitter – City of Toronto (@cityoftoronto)