What’s wrong with our society? Disaster at TDSB

A nucleus of one hundred (100!) teenagers terrorize victims in a building; beat up teachers; storm the offices of the Administration; intimidate and threaten “the administrators”; compel younger, weaker, kids to engage in fights and in public sex (in every other society that amounts to rape) for the purposes of video transmission; distribute/sell drugs openly; students overdosing in the washrooms. Teachers absent on medical leave, administrators through revolving doors; police absent. 

No reporter can make this stuff up.  As we indicated yesterday, CityPulse convinced some teachers to divulge the information by guaranteeing their anonymity. Welcome to a school complex known as George Harvey S.S. and York Memorial C.I. in Toronto’s Public District School Board (TDSB) / in the pic above, from Google Maps.

If you are a student, graduate, parent or a teacher, strike the names of those schools from your curriculum vitae. Better still, consult a good lawyer and contemplate a lawsuit. Make it a class-action lawsuit.

How did we get to the point that our children are left to the mercy of criminal elements operating under the noses of people who, in law, act in loco parentis? Who is in charge? Let us start with the following: Colleen Russell-Rawlins (salary: $260,000 in 2020), Director. Stephen Lecce, Minister of Education (Budget c. $30 billion annually). Super-Mayor John Tory (salary: $200,000+, along with at least $100,000 while on the Rogers payroll). Police Chief, newly appointed (salary: c. $350,000 annually).

With all due respect to these individuals, they strike us as “photo-op” specialists who sit idly by enabling acts that are criminal: rape, prostitution, drug trafficking, uttering threats, assault and battery, vandalism… – all under their watch, at the public’s expense. We pity the parents for entrusting their kids to this “environment”.

No sarcasm intended, but who is looking out for the Human Rights of the adolescents being subjected to this travesty? Russell-Rawlins’ Board just withdrew a planned survey regarding “identities” and “affirmations”. They might have been better served by adhering to Rules, Responsibility and Respect as values to foster. To say nothing of skills development and the learning process.

Instead, we are treated to a steady diet of shootings, stabbings etc. at schools like Birchmount, David and Mary Thompson, Woburn or exhibitionism at Trafalgar.

How ironic is it that today (and yesterday) the Ontario College of Teachers is “conducting a hearing” to discipline a certain Michael Del Grande for daring to speak openly about defending values [Catholic] at  the core of the Constitutional mandate of his board.