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Bangladesh’s democracy and the new media law

‘As journalism goes, so does democracy’ is the motto of Canadian Journalism Foundation (CJF), founded in 1990 precisely to celebrate and facilitate excellence in journalism. Consequently, the justifiable reference of CJF is as a new proposed media bill contradicts labour law in Bangladesh, which has been conveyed by the Newspaper Owners’ Association of Bangladesh (NOAB). 

In a statement signed by its president AK Azad and vice-president ASM Shahidullah Khan said on April 24, ‘if this law will pass in parliament, then newspapers, including the freedom of the press and freedom of expression, would suffer.’

Also, significantly added, ‘the newspaper as an industry will be sicker. At the same time, it would be disgraceful for journalists,’ if that law is passed; thus, ‘There is no need for a new law.’

So, who would be ‘sicker’ and for whom it would be ‘disgraceful’, does not require any emphasis, rather needed bravely to question – do we really let our journalism to advance and let our democracy thrive? Think the motto of the CJF as quoted here is vital.

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