Day: 13 June 2022

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Not only Covid: emergency rooms ‘sold out’ in Ontario

TORONTO – Everything: injuries, trauma and even viruses (Covid-19 aside). Ontario hospitals are again under siege, this time not due the pandemic but for other reasons: from the seasonal flu to injuries (especially young people, returned “free” after two years of restrictions). The situation is similar in all hospitals in the country: records of emergency room visits and beds “sold out”.  (more…)

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Aeroporti, dietrofront del governo: via i Covid-test per i vaccinati

TORONTO – Dopo innumerevoli disagi e proteste, il governo federale fa dietrofront e toglie – fino al 30 giugno – i Covid-test casuali per i viaggiatori vaccinati negli aeroporti. Lo ha annunciato venerdì il ministro dei Trasporti, Omar Alghabra. Soltanto i viaggiatori non vaccinati saranno ancora “testati” negli aeroporti. E poi, a partire da luglio, tutti i Covid-test verranno eseguiti fuori dagli aeroporti… Read More in Corriere Canadese >>> ***This project is made possible in part thanks to the financial support of Canadian Heritage;

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