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Di Sanzo: “Corriere Canadese, unique and invaluable reality”


ROME – Meetings continue in Rome between the editor of the Italian daily newspaper Corriere Canadese, Joe Volpe, and all those parliamentarians involved in defending and spreading the Italian language and culture abroad. In recent days, Volpe – with one of his closest collaborators, Danny Montesano – had a long conversation with the Honorable Christian Di Sanzo, a member of parliament of the Democratic Party elected in the North and Central America foreign constituency.

“We met with the Honorable Di Sanzo – explains Montesano -: he is a parliamentarian who plays an important role for our community, being a deputy elected in the North American Foreign District. We talked with him about the need to defend and enhance the Italian language not only in Canada but also in the United States and Mexico, through support for programs aimed at keeping it alive, including those concerning Corriere Canadese programs, as Di Sanzo himself underlined, which are not of the partisan but transversal. Christian was able to touch the reality of Corriere Canadese first-hand, when he came to visit us in Toronto several times, and we were very happy to be able to see him again in Rome where he now plays the role of parliamentarian. He made himself completely available together with the other deputies interested in supporting the defense and promotion of the Italian language abroad, especially in North America”.

On the occasion, Montesano invited Di Sanzo to participate in the events organized in Toronto by the Lucan community: an invitation that the parliamentarian welcomed.

For his part, Di Sanzo underlined that “the meeting with Volpe was useful to talk about the reality of the Italian press abroad and the difficulties that the promotion of the Italian language abroad is going through. Corriere Canadese remains a unique reality and invaluable for our community in Toronto and all of Canada – he said – and my commitment will not fail to preserve this reality and support the Italian press abroad”.

“Also present at the meeting – added Di Sanzo – was Danny Montesano, ambassador of the Basilicata Cultural Society of Toronto, a meeting of great importance for me as I am the only member of parliament elected abroad of Lucan origins. A great occasion – he concluded the MP of the Democratic Party – to talk about the reality of Toronto of the Lucanians in the world: I hope to go to visit them soon, after my recent visit in January to the BasiLucania association in Montreal”.

In the pic above, from the left: Danny Montesano, Christian Di Sanzo and Joe Volpe

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