Woman dies of a rare disease: now her body will be studied to help scientific research

TORONTO – “My daughter died on April 13: she had a rare congenital heart condition, she underwent a heart and lung transplant screening but she was too weak and did not survive: so, she donated her body to the hospital so that it can be studied to learn more about his rare condition and, in this way, help others live longer if possible”. Divina, mother of Lisa-Anne, tell us the story of her daughter. 

Despite the drama, “I feel it’s a positive story and I’d like it to be told. My daughter always saw the good in others and things, hopefully her memory will inspire others to keep going no matter what”.

Unfortunately, as Divina – her family is of Italian origin and lives in the GTA: we don’t write the surname for privacy reasons – tells us, behind the story of her daughter Lisa-Anne there is also a sad family story, which has added pain to pain.

“A few days before she died – says Divina – my daughter had sent a message to my brother, with whom we have problems because he doesn’t allow us to see my father who lives with him. Here is a part of my daughter’s message: ‘I want to see the my grandfather. This post is addressed to Paolo (Divina’s brother and Lisa-Anne’s uncle, e.d.), who blocked me on Facebook for trivial reasons. I am hurt by the fact that I was in the hospital for a month and, despite you knew it, you didn’t tell grandpa. I wanted to call, but in your house you blocked our phone numbers as well. Regardless of whether you disagree with my mother, this has nothing to do with me . I just want to see my grandfather’. My daughter – continues Divina – published this message on Facebook on February 9th. On April 13th she died, without having had the opportunity to see her grandfather again. And when she died, my brother Paolo, who is even a teacher in a Catholic school, also refused to let me see my father”.

Anyway, Divina’s hope now is that Lisa-Anne’s story will help someone. “And also I hope others will donate blood to Canadian Blood Services in her memory”.

Pic by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay