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A Polish pastor in Calgary once again kicked the public health inspector and police out of the church grounds

Artur Pawłowski is a name that appears more and more often in the news from Calgary, Alberta. The Polish pastor has to deal with the Calgary police and public health services quite often recently.A few weeks ago, on Holy Saturday during Easter, he was visited by officers of these services while celebrating Holy Mass in his church. Then government officials entered the church from which they were kicked out by the pastor. He argued that they did not have a proper warrant and were not allowed to enter or stay on his church grounds without his consent. He threw them out with the words that the nazis and the gastapo were not allowed to be inside his church. He did not let the services come to a word, repeatedly telling them to leave this place immediately, repeating and calling unwanted guests nazis and gestapo.Earlier, the pastor received several tickets from the Calgary Police for violating public health laws while organizing “Street Church” campaigns to distribute food to the poor, homeless and most vulnerable on the streets of the city.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the Polish pastor has an attitude towards the Calgary police.

This time, the Public Health Inspector together with the Calgary Police Service knocked on the door of the church, and Artur Pawłowski recorded an 8-minute video of the event, to which he added his opinion at the end.

The inspector, protected by policemen in front of the entrance, handed the pastor a letter addressed to “Street Church”. She began to speak, but the pastor, after reading the beginning of this letter, found that the servants had not done their homework and addressed the letter to the wrong audience. The inspector then replied that she could send a copy to the pastor by email if he wanted to and began explaining the reason for her visit. Before she could catch her breath and utter one full sentence, Artur Pawłowski said that she needs to contact his lawyer who deals with these cases. He added that he was not interested in a single word that she had to say, and that he does not cooperate with the gestapo, and that he doesn’t talk to the nazis who came to him in uniforms like criminals. He added that they are the brown shirts of Hitler, the gestapo, nazis, communists, fascists. He said that they were not allowed to stay there, they were not welcome there, and he repeatedly emphasized that he does not cooperate with nazis and gestapo and emphasized that the officers should contact his lawyer.

The inspector tried to come to the word until Artur Pawłowski continued saying that they had come to the place of prayer to intimidate and harass. He then added that she could make an appointment with him, if she wanted to talk, another day.

Here he lost his patience and, still shouting, added that she should come another day, make an appointment, and not speak today. He told her to go. The inspector relented, and the police moved away. The departing policemen were told by the Polish pastor that they had replaced brown shirts from the old days with black ones.

Later in his video, Artur Pawłowski began his thoughts on what Canada had come to so that the place of prayer could be harassed by officers during prayer. He added that they could have done so at another time, at another time, and that they were following the orders of their Hitler fuehrer and the communists. He then began urging Canadians to wake up and see what happens when one comes to such a place while saying mass, and that for 16 years he has been warning Canadians about what is coming.

Artur Pawłowski further said in his recording that history teaches that such people will come and take their rights, little by little, introducing their regulations, until one day you wake up in a concentration camp, where you can make soap out of it.

Continuing, he added that this is what the government wants, and that people can imagine such situations in Russia or China, but what is happening in Canada, in the Western democracy, and asked what people were going to do with it. He asked if people would get up and start fighting this tyranny, or would they surrender to medical terrorists.

The Polish pastor concluded his recording with the conclusion that this is what you want, a revolution, that people are pushed to such an extent that they make a revolution. All constitutional human rights are broken. He added that all politicians should be accused of treason because what they do is illegal, unconstitutional and against people. All of them, according to the pastor, should lose their pensions and wages.


The entire video can be viewed here:

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