Day: 11 June 2021

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Status update of Covid-19 cases worldwide

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Here we provide a daily update of the data available for select countries and jurisdictions as of June 11, 2021 at 7:00pm EST.

On Friday, health officials in the Philippines logged 6,686 new infections pushing the number of total confirmed positive cases to over 1.3 million. Of the cumulative total, 93.6% are considered recovered. In the last 24-hours, Covid-related deaths increased by 43 bringing the total fatalities to 13,032. (more…)

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Fighting the pandemic and economic recovery, at the start of the G7 summit in Cornwall

Article by Francesco Veronesi — Translation and Video: CNMNG Staff

Global contrast to the pandemic, common strategy on the vaccine front, the investigation into the origins of Covid. This weekend’s G7 Summit in Cornwall, England will revolve around these three themes. (more…)

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বাংলাদেশের গ্রামে ডেল্টা ভ্যারিয়েন্ট আশংকাজনক হারে দ্রুত ছড়াচ্ছে

বাংলাদেশে আগের সহজ হিসেবটি বদলে যাচ্ছে। এতে ভারতে শনাক্ত ডেল্টা ভ্যারিয়েন্ট এখন গ্রামগুলোতে ছড়িয়ে পড়ছে। বিশেষজ্ঞরাই বলেছেন, যে গতিতে সংক্রমণ হচ্ছে তা এক পর্যায়ে নিয়ন্ত্রণহীন হতে পারে। সীমান্তের আশপাশের ৩২ জেলার পরিস্থিতি প্রায় এক। স্বাস্থ্য দপ্তর মনে করেছিল, বাংলাদেশে করোনা শহর কেন্দ্রীক এবং গ্রামগুলোতে এতোটা ছড়াবে না। এখন তারাই বলছেন, পরিস্থিতি ভয়াবহ। (more…)

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Delta variants are spreading at an alarming rate in the villages of Bangladesh

The previous simple calculation is changing in Bangladesh. The delta variant identified in India is now spreading in its villages. Experts say the speed at which the infection is spreading may be out of control at some point. This situation is almost the same in the 32 districts around the border area. The health department thought that corona in Bangladesh would not be so prevalent in villages than urban areas. Now they say the situation is dire. (more…)

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“Quando os esquilos pretos ficam brancos”

Article by  Ricky Castellvi — Translation and Video: Luis Aparicio

TORONTO – Um animal, que deveria ter morrido durante o inverno porque as hipóteses de sobrevivência eram baixas, foi encontrado ainda vivo. Apesar de uma furiosa pandemia da COVID-19, um inverno implacável, escassez de alimentos e predadores, a canção de Elton John “I’m Still Standing” vem à mente. Esta é uma história de bem-estar; poderíamos usar mais destas nos dias que correm. (more…)

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În Ontario, 590 de noi infectați și 11 decese

Article by  Giorgio Mitolo — Translation and Video: Cristiana Petrescu

TORONTO – Canada a atins ieri numarul de 1.397.849  de persoane infectate, cu o creștere de 1.844 infecții mai mult decât în ​​ultimele 24 de ore. Victimele – la nivel național – au atins ieri un total de 25.862 de decese, cu 30 mai multe decât miercuri. (more…) ***This project is made possible in part thanks to the financial support of Canadian Heritage;

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