Day: 4 June 2021

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Status update of Covid-19 cases worldwide

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Here we provide a daily update of the data available for select countries and jurisdictions as of June 4, 2021 at 8:00pm EST.

On Friday, heath officials in the UK logged 6,238 new infections in the last 24-hours bringing the total cases count to more than 4.5 million since the start of the pandemic. Of the cumulative total of confirmed positive cases, nearly 95% are considered recovered. In the last day, Covid-related deaths increased by 11 for a total of 127,823 fatalities. (more…)

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What Lies Ahead For Canada’s NHL Teams Next Season

Most of Canada’s 7 NHL teams are already looking ahead to next season. Only Winnipeg and Montreal remain in the playoffs. The other 5 teams are golfing and trying to be optimistic about their future. On July 21, the NHL will hold an expansion draft as the Seattle Kraken join the league. The Kraken will draft one player from each team, which means every team will have a hole to fill. Two days later, the NHL Draft will be begin on July 23 and will show the direction teams are taking to improve. (more…)

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৫০ বছর পূর্তিতে মারখাম জাদুঘর

টরন্টো, জুন ৪: এ বছর মারখাম জাদুঘর তাদের ৫০ বছর পূর্তি উদ্যাপন করছে। আর করোনা মহামারির কারণে সংক্রমণ পরিহারে সবাই যখন সামাজিক দূরত্ব বজায় রেখেছে, তখন সবার সুবিধার্থে জাদুঘরটি তাদের ইতিহাস ও ঐতিহ্যকে অনলাইনে তুলে ধরেছে, যেখানে জাজ্জ্বল্যপূর্ণ ইতিহাস-ঐতিহ্যে দেদীপ্যমান রয়েছে- মারখাম মুভস এক্সিবিশন, ল্যান্ডস্ক্যাপস অ্যান্ড স্ট্রিটস্ক্যাপস ক্যাটালগ, ট্রাডিশন অ্যান্ড ইনোভেশন ও মারখাম মিউজিয়াম’স হিস্ট্রোরিক বিল্ডিংস। (more…)

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Markham Museum celebrates 50th anniversary

Toronto, June 4: The Markham Museum is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. While everyone is keeping a safe distance to stop the spread of COVID-19, the Museum invites the public to celebrate Markham’s history by exploring its online activities and exhibitions, includes Markham Moves Exhibition, Landscapes and Streetscapes Catalogue, Tradition and Innovation, and Markham Museum’s Historic Buildings cover a great excitement of exploration of vivid changes. (more…)

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Província vai permitir receber a 2.ª dose sem limite de idade

Article by Corriere Canadese Staff — Translation and Video by Luis Aparicio

A ministra da Saúde do Ontário, Christine Elliott, confirmou ontem que a província está a “examinar” a possibilidade de permitir que todos os ontarianos, com 12 anos, possam marcar uma consulta para a segunda dose da vacina contra a Covid-19, semanas ou mesmo meses antes do previsto. (more…)

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অন্টারিওর নির্মাণ শ্রমিকরা মাত্রাতিরিক্ত অপিয়ড আক্রান্ত

টরন্টো, জুন ৩: নির্মাণ শ্রমিকদের ক্ষেত্রে এটিকে মহামারি বিবেচনা করে অন্টারিও কনস্ট্রাকশন কনসোর্টিয়াম (ওসিসি) মাত্রাতিরিক্ত অপিয়ড ব্যবহারের বিরুদ্ধে সচেতনতা গড়ে তোলার এক আন্দোলন শুরু করেছে, কেননা অর্থনৈতিক খাতে সবচেয়ে বেশি তাদের মৃত্যুহার বৃদ্ধি পেয়েছে। (more…)

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Crossfire on Lecce, now the minister is in danger

Article by Francesco Veronesi — Video and Translation: CNMNG Staff

The controversy about schools in Ontario does not go out. Twenty-four hours after the provincial government’s decision to continue with distance learning – until the end of this school year – it has set the political climate on fire, provoking accusations and poisons during the last parliamentary session in Queen’s Park before the summer break. (more…)

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In Ontario a fost aprobata a doua doză de Pfizer sau Moderna, pentru cei care au primit AstraZeneca

Article by Corriere Canadese Staff — Video & Translation: Cristiana Petrescu

TORONTO – Începând de astăzi, cei din Ontario care au primit prima doză de vaccin AstraZeneca, împotriva virusului Covid-19, vor avea trei opțiuni în ceea ce privește a doua doză. (more…) ***This project is made possible in part thanks to the financial support of Canadian Heritage;

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