Day: 17 June 2021

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Daily update of Covid-19 cases worldwide

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Here we provide a daily update of the data available for select countries and jurisdictions as of June 17, 2021 at 6:15pm EST.

On Thursday, health officials in the UK logged more than 11,000 new infections, figures not seen in since February. The total number of confirmed positive cases now surpass 4.6 million. Of the cumulative total, 93.4% are considered recovered. In the last 24-hours, Covid-related deaths increased by 19 bringing the total fatalities to 127,945.


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নৈতিক কমিশনার এমপি রাতানসিকে জরিমানাহীন স্বার্থগত সংঘাতে পেলেন

প্রকাশিত এক প্রতিবেদনে নৈতিক কমিশনার মারিও ডিওন বলেছেন, এমপি ইয়াসমিন রাতানসি লিবারেল ককাসের সদস্য থাকাকালীন নিজের দত্তক বোনকে সংসদীয় কার্যালয়ে দীর্ঘকালীন চাকুরি দিয়ে ‘কনফ্লিক্ট অব ইন্টারেস্ট অ্যাক্ট’ ভঙ্গ করেছেন। (more…)

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Ontario-Vorwahlen – eine neue wird diesen Herbst hinzugefügt

Die Provinz Ontario erhält im Herbst eine neue Vorwahl.

Die steigende Nachfrage nach Telefonnummern machte die Einführung einer neuen Vorwahl erforderlich. Um dieser Nachfrage gerecht zu werden, wird im Herbst dieses Jahres im Süden Ontarios eine neue Vorwahl eingeführt.

Die Vorwahl 742 wird am 16. Oktober veröffentlicht und schrittweise in Gebieten eingeführt, die derzeit von den Vorwahlen 905, 289 und 265 bedient werden. (more…)

Ontario Polish

Numery kierunkowe w Ontario – jesienią dołączy nowy

Prowincja Ontario otrzyma nowy telefoniczny numer kierunkowy tej jesieni.

Rosnące zapotrzebowanie na numery telefoniczne spowodowało konieczność wprowadzenia nowego numeru kierunkowego. Aby sprostać temu zapotrzebowaniu, w południowym Ontario jesienią pojawi się nowy numer kierunkowy.

Nowy numer kierunkowy 742 pojawi się 16 października i będzie wprowadzany stopniowo w rejonach, które obecnie są obsługiwane przez numery kierunkowe 905, 289, 265. (more…)

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Ontario area codes – a new one will be added this fall

The province of Ontario will receive a new area code this fall.

The growing demand for telephone numbers made it necessary to introduce a new area code. To meet this demand, a new area code will be introduced in southern Ontario this fall.

The area code 742 will be released on October 16 and will be phased in gradually in areas currently served by area codes 905, 289, and 265. (more…)

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In Ontario 384 new cases and 12 deaths

Article by Giorgio Mitolo – Translation and Video: CNMNG Staff

 Canada reached 1,404,798 positive cases yesterday, with an increase of 987 infections more than in the previous 24 hours. The victims – on a national scale – reached a total of 25,991 deaths yesterday, 27 more than on Tuesday. (more…)

Health & Medicine News Brief Ontario Podcasts & Videos Portuguese

Vacinação com novo recorde no Ontário, mas permanece o caos da segunda dose da vacina na reabertura

Article by Francesco Veronesi  — Translation and Video: Luis Aparicio

As notícias que vêm da frente de vacinação no Ontário são contrastantes. Ontem na província foi ultrapassado o número de vacinações realizadas num único dia, mais de 202 mil segundo o, mas ao mesmo tempo não foram resolvidos os problemas que surgiram na segunda vacinação para os residentes dos hotspots. (more…)

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In Italia 1.400 nuovi contagiati e 52 vittime, positività allo 0,6%

Article by Giorgio Mitolo — Video: Rosanna Colavecchia

ROMA – In lieve rialzo il numero dei positivi al coronavirus in Italia, ieri 1.400, mentre si sono registrate 52 vittime in un giorno. Sono stati 203.173 i tamponi molecolari e antigenici effettuati su tutto il territorio nazionale, col tasso di positività fermo allo 0,6%. Sono tuttora 471 i pazienti ricoverati nei reparti di terapia intensiva, con un calo di 33 unità rispetto a martedì. (more…)

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Vaccin obligatoriu pentru cei care locuiesc în campus

Article by Mariella Policheni — Translation and Video: Cristiana Petrescu

TORONTO – Cind cursurile se vor relua in septembrie, studenții care intenționează să locuiască în reședințele a două dintre cele mai mari universități din Toronto vor trebui să demonstreze că au fost vaccinați împotriva virusului Covid-19. (more…) ***This project is made possible in part thanks to the financial support of Canadian Heritage;

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