Day: 9 June 2021

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Status update of Covid-19 cases worldwide

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Here we provide a daily update of the data available for select countries and jurisdictions as of June 9, 2021 at 8:20pm EST.

On Wednesday, health officials in Ontario logged 411 new infections in the last 24-hours, the lowest single-day increase in four months. The additional cases pushed the official national tally of positive cases to over 537,000. Of the cumulative total, 97.1% are considered recovered. In the last day, Covid-related deaths increased by 33, 11 of which were recorded as a data catch-up from April/May. Ontario’s Covid-related death toll is now 8,920.


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We must be prudent against the ‘’Euro 2020 variant’’

TORONTO – The third wave of the pandemic is over. For some weeks now, the overall epidemiological picture in Ontario has been improving markedly, with the collapse of new daily cases, the sharp decrease in hospitalizations and intensive care admissions and, more generally, a mass immunization campaign that is finally travelling at full capacity. (more…)

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Experience the “Ring of Fire”: Canada’s first solar eclipse of the year

If you are an early riser, you may be lucky enough to catch the first solar eclipse of 2021. Around sunrise on June 10, northern and eastern areas of North America, including Greenland, Europe and Asia will get the opportunity to experience the dramatic event. That is of course, providing mother nature cooperates and offers up a clear sky.


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Peruvians in Canada await the result of the elections

The definition of the 2021 General Elections in Peru will be defined vote by vote. According to the last information from the National Office of Electoral Processes (ONPE), Pedro Castillo, from the Peru Libre party, remains at the top with 50.255% over the 49.745% that represents Keiko Fujimori, from Fuerza Popular, as of June 8th, 2021. (more…)

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Itim na squirrel naging Puti

May isang hayup na inaasahan patay na dahil sa matinding lamig nitong nakaraan na panahon ay natagpuan buhay na buhay pa. Dahil sa dating nang bumubulusok na Kobid 19 pandemia, karahasan nang tag lamig na panahon, pag kukulang nang pag kain, at maga kalaban hayup, ang kanta ni Elton John na “I am still Standing” ay nag balik sa akin kaisipan. Ito’y naging magandang pakiramdam na kuwento na maari natin magamit nitong maga panahon na Ito. (more…)

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When Black Squirrels Go White

An animal, which should have died over the winter because the odds were against it, was found to be still alive. In defiance of a raging COVID-19 pandemic, an unrelenting winter, food shortage and predators, the Elton John song “I’m Still Standing” comes to mind. This is a feel-good story; we could use more of those these days. (more…)

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Grenzöffnung USA-Kanada im Juli möglich?

Vielleicht wird Kanada im Juli seine Grenze für Reisende aus und in die USA wieder öffnen. Nachdem sich die Kritik an der geschlossenen Grenze zu Kanada in den USA verstärkt hatte, begannen kanadische Beamte über deren mehrstufige Wiedereröffnung nachzudenken. Die Grenzöffnung würde mit der Aufnahme vollständig geimpfter Reisender voraussichtlich im Juli beginnen. (more…)

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Otwarcie granicy USA – Kanada już w lipcu?

Być może już w lipcu Kanada otworzy granicę dla podróżnych z i do USA. Po tym, kiedy w Stanach Zjednoczonych nasiliła się krytyka zamkniętej granicy z Kanadą oraz restrykcji jakie
Kanada utrzymuje dla podróżnych, kanadyjscy urzędnicy zaczęli rozważać wieloetapowe ponowne otwarcie granicy. Otwarcie granicy miałoby się rozpocząć od pozwolenie na wjazd w pełni zaszczepionych podróżnych najprawdopodobniej już w lipcu. (more…)

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Máquina maldizente, o pedido de desculpas do blogTO ao Corriere

Article by Francesco Veronesi — Translation and Video: Luis Aparicio

TORONTO – O tempo é um cavalheiro. A máquina maldizente – mediática e política – que visou o Corriere Canadese nos últimos meses começa a perder peças pelo caminho. O blogTO, um portal web em Toronto, teve que apresentar o seu pedido oficial de desculpas por ter definido um artigo publicado no Corriere Canadese pelo editor Joe Volpe como “homofóbico, transfóbico e racista”. O artigo do blogTO apareceu na internet em 13 de janeiro de 2021. (more…)

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Maquina de barro, las disculpas di Blogto al Corriere

Article by Francesco Veronesi – Translation and Video: Lisa Picerno

 El tiempo es caballero, como se suele decir.
La máquina de mudslinging – lamentablemente hiperactivo en redes sociales y círculos políticos – que apuntó al Corriere Canadese en los últimos meses ha comenzado a perder simpatía por la calle. (more…)

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Macchina del fango, le scuse di blogTO al Corriere

Article by Francesco Veronesi — Video: Rosanna Colavecchia

– Il tempo è galantuomo. La macchina del fango – mediatica e politica – che ha investito il Corriere Canadese negli ultimi mesi inizia a perdere pezzi per strada.
blogTO, portale web di Toronto, ha dovuto presentare le sue scuse ufficiali per aver definito “omofobo, transfobico e razzista” un articolo pubblicato sul Corriere Canadese a firma dell’editore Joe Volpe. 


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Brampton, primarul lansează vaccinarea în masă

Article by Priscilla Pajdo — Translation and Video: Cristiana Petrescu

BRAMPTON – Lumea este in mare asteptare. Provincia va trece la prima faza a planului de redeschidere economică vineri, cu trei zile înainte de calendarul inițial. A fost un pas înainte mult așteptat, în special în regiunile cele mai afectate de Covid-19, în special în regiunea Peel. (more…) ***This project is made possible in part thanks to the financial support of Canadian Heritage;

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